Juliet Lamin

Juliet Lamin

Author, Educator, Activist


Educator, community activist, youth mentor and licensed grief recovery specialist, Ms Juliet Lamin has worked with adults and young people with different complex needs across the United Kingdom. Following the death of her only son, Phillip Lamin in 2013, she founded a youth charity organization, PL9, where young people from several communities come together to counteract different challenges and be mentored to become leaders. The PL9 youths have collaborated with 118 academic institutions in the United Kingdom to organise youth talent shows, fundraise for cardiac risk and help provide defibrillators in sports centres and churches. Those achievements have earned Lamin several honours, including the outstanding achievement award from the London Borough of Bexley

Ms Juliet Lamin spoke at the 2023 RCCG Teap Teens Career Conference on Wake Up & Take Responsibility where she highlighted the following:

  • Before you can wake up and take responsibility, you've got to know the value inside of you.

  • The value you put on yourself enables you to wake up anytime you're knocked down.

  • Sometimes opportunities will be dropped in your hands through challenges. It is up to you to either sleep or wake up and take responsibility.

  • When you wake up, the door of responsibility will open up for you.