RCCG TEAP Junior Church

Who We Are


  • We are care givers supporting families to raise up the Children in our community church in an environment that nourishes and nurtures, preparing them for a purpose driven life and to make heaven.

Proverbs 22 v 6


To accomplish our core values, we shall;
  • Support families to raise a spirit filled Generation who know the Word of God and are Nation builders.
  • Foster discipline, hard work, integrity and self esteem in every child through a vibrant interactive value building experience at all fellowship.
  • Be positive role models with a balance of love, care and spiritual nourishment in a united TEAP family.
Junior Church Structure
  • To minister to the needs of our target group, TEAP Junior Church is made up of two (2) Strategic Units:
    o Jesus Lambs (1.5 – 12 year olds)
    o Teen Church (13 – 19 year olds)

Code of Conduct

Junior Church Teachers must be:
  • Born again, Spirit-filled and committed Christians, fulfilling the Great Commission through the study of The Word, Prayer and Soul winning;
  • Obedient and diligent workers, trained in The Everlasting Arms Parish and The Redeemed Christian Church of God;
  • Knowledgeable and live by the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Department;
  • Punctual – arrive early to church and all programs of the Department;
  • Estimably affectionate to others in selfless service as part of a team;
  • Respectful and totally submitted to the leadership in the church and department;
  • Drivers of church growth in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Everlasting Arms Parish through the inspiration of The Holy Spirit;
  • Innovative, Loving, Polite, Humble, Honest and known for Integrity.

Junior Church Core Values

  • J: Joyful Service – Our work could be stressful at times but we serve with hearts grateful to God for being able to mould a bit of the future
  • O: Observant and Discerning – We depend on the Holy Spirit for instruction, direction and discernment in this call
  • L: Loving the Lord – Jesus Christ is the reason we serve
  • L: Loving one another – Love is of God and we are called of God for this work
  • O: On time and Committed – It’s central to our mission to foster discipline, hard work and integrity
  • F: Fellowship - continued fellowship by a team of born again, spirit filled TEAP trained workers united by their membership of the Department


(Psalm 133 v 1-3; 3rd John 1 v 2)