Dorota Oakley Matuszyk

Dorota Oakley Matuszyk

Teacher, Teacher-Trainer and Social Justice Advocate,


Teacher, teacher-trainer and social justice advocate, Ms Dorota Oakley Matuszyk is an enthusiastic educator with sound training experience across many schools in the United Kingdom. In one of her numerous works in Africa, Matuszyk ran a pioneering online programme for teachers in Guinea Bissau and supervised their research on issues such as early marriage, teenage pregnancy, gender inequality and impact of disability and poverty on education. She has also undertaken sizeable fundraising to fight hunger, unemployment, lack of education and life resources, mainly in Gunea Bissau, Uganda, Congo, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, and Poland.

Ms Dorota Oakley Matuszyk spoke at the 2023 RCCG Teap Teens Career Conference on Wake Up & Take Responsibility where she highlighted the following:

  • "Responsibility is a mountain that you have to climb with a focus on reaching the peak, the peak is your goal"

  • "Career Responsibility is a well staged process with the aim of getting better after each stage"

  • "Identify your personal strength, talent or passion as your own land of responsibility and walk into it"

  • " The decision to stay focused lies with you"